Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wing night!

My son absolutely loves chicken wings! But the problem is finding one that is healthy as his favorite is Pinty's wings.

Jasinda had a recipe in Big Girls Do It Running that I have made before and knew that I needed to make it again. These ones are full of flavour and I was lucky that the kids wanted to help make them this time. They have been doing awesome lately with helping cook dinner and I am so glad that they are contributing and seeing what is going into their meals!

These wings are are super saucy and so full of flavour. They include quite a few ingredients that I would never have guessed to put on wings - mayonnaise, Greek yogurt and molasses.

My kids aren't too keen on spice so I didn't put any hot sauce in them but I think a tiny bit would give them some extra flavour. They are still so delicious and I look forward to trying to make some of my own sometime soon based on this recipe!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My review of My Highland Husband by Nancy Pennick

Lady Juliet Kingston is the daughter of the Duke of Norchester and is being sent from England to Scotland to marry a laird's son in order to achieve peace between their two countries. Yet Juliet is leaving behind her love Lord John Alder whom she thought she would marry.

Ross MacLaren was not happy to learn of his upcoming nuptials to a complete stranger but when he sees Juliet he realizes that he could easily fall in love with her. But will he be able to convince Juliet that they are meant to be together?

As Juliet and Ross begin to realize they have feelings for one another, Juliet's past comes back looking for a second chance. Will Juliet decide on a past love or her current? When loyalties are in question what will happen to everyone involved?

I really enjoyed this book and the mix of the past yet their love life didn't feel like it was from the past at all.

I really liked Juliet's character and how she truly evolved into a strong woman who knew what she wanted and what she was living for. She definitely had her share of disappointments in life but she really wanted to be happy and lived her life to the best ability that she could and was a super caring person. I liked reading how everyone initially viewed her and how everyone's opinions about her changed.

Ross was definitely a sexy Scot and I loved the loyalty of his character and also the fun that he had when he could. He was dedicated to his people and his wife and he was worried about that conflict.

John was interesting in that you knew at one point he had to of been a good guy for Juliet to fall for him but losing her sent him in a crazy tailspin and I was never sure of what his next actions were going to be as he proved that he wouldn't give up.

I really liked Ross's family but I was definitely pissed at his dad for awhile! I really enjoyed his sister Glynis and hope she is able to find some happiness!!

4 Stars

Romance Between The Pages presents this week's incredible bestselling author, Charlene Hartnady

Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann's new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through January. No question is out of bounds. Check it out!


National bestselling author, Charlene, lives on an acre in the country with her husband, three children and an array of pets including a snake.

In her spare time you can usually find her typing away frantically on the computer completely lost in worlds of her making. She is an avid believer that it is the small things that truly matter like the feeling you get when you start a new book or a particularly beautiful sunset.

Charlene likes to write bite stories her readers can sink their teeth into.


The Clan MacLaren series, book 1
by Nancy Pennick

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My review of Sublime Karma by Peyton Garver

Brie Lindstrom is the new girl at school and for her senior year. Right away she becomes the target for the "popular" girls and finds herself getting attention for all the wrong reasons. She gradually makes a few friends but she is afraid to let anyone know about the secrets that she holds close and the demons that she fights.

Jake Gordon is a high school senior who plays football and also plays in the band Sublime Karma. He is attracted to Brie but realizes she is very guarded. Yet soon he is vying for her attention with Ryan, the captain of the cross country team.

Will Jake be able to help break down the walls around Brie and when he learns the truth about her life will he stick by her side or will he panic and leave her?

I really enjoyed this book but it does deal with some super heavy subject matters that not everyone may be comfortable with.

My heart was so open to Brie and I felt so bad with how she was treated right away at school and harassed so much when she never did a single thing to the "popular" girls. As the book went on and I learned even more about Brie I had tears in my eyes learning about the struggles she was going through. It frustrates me that Brie's mom didn't take her kids seriously and I really wish that Leif could have lived closer to Brie.

Jake was an interesting character as he was one of the popular kids yet at the same time he was willing to risk everything for Brie. His popularity didn't matter when it came to her but that also made Brie an obvious target for Sarah and her friends. Jake had his own demons that he struggled with and he did the best he could with the hand he was given.

I loved the talk between Jake and Brie where everything was revealed and both showed so much strength and it resulted in a super strong bond between the two of them. Yet that still didn't mean that more drama didn't happen due to jumping to conclusions!

A great book about dealing with difficult situations and having the courage to overcome them.

4 Stars

Wednesday, February 22, 2017