Monday, August 29, 2016

Dirty Talk by S.L. Scott

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Because first love deserves a second chance
Standalone Contemporary Romance

You met Danny's best friend, Luke Anders in Models on Top. Now it's time to really get to know this dirty talking, sexy producer in his own standalone contemporary romance.

Dirty Talk will release on September 1st.
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My review of No Such Thing As Can't by Melissa Kendall

Madeline Majors is desperate for a child and is willing to go to any length to get one. She has turned to Madame Evangeline for help and she sends her to Castle, Alaska for a one-night stand where hopefully her baby dreams will come true.

Garth Summers is an alpha of a pack in Alaska who needs to have an heir in the next 6 weeks before he turns 50 or he must give up his position as leader of the pack. Running out of time he turns to Madame Eve for assistance.

Will sparks fly between Madeline and Garth or will the secrets that Garth is keeping tear them apart and prevent the two from having a chance at a baby?

I enjoyed this book and it was a super quick read! I found the book fun and it was all about the right timing and a bit of fate!

I can completely understand Madeline's want for a baby and feeling like there was nowhere left to turn except Madame Evangeline.

I found it somewhat surprising that Garth never found anyone but his wolf needed someone specific for an heir!

Looking forward to seeing where this series goes!

3.5 Stars

NO SUCH THING AS CAN'T by Melissa Kendall

Castle Wolves Series Book 1

by Melissa Kendall

Saturday, August 27, 2016

My review of The Missing Mah Jongg Player by Iris Wynne

Steve Wade is a former cop who has now opened a Private Investigator business. When he is approached by 5 women who are worried about one of their players, Marilou Dickson who has gone missing after meeting a date online.

As Steve takes the case he is assisted by the women who want their friend found. In order to go on with the case Steve needs to clear the air on his own past and fix broken relationships, as do the women around him.

With a list of suspects will Steve be able to find the right guy in time before they strike again?

For me this story was okay as I felt there was so many characters and so much happening that it almost took away from the story as I was having trouble getting into the book and staying attentive.

I liked Steve and how he really tried to find out the truth, especially when he found inconsistencies. The ladies you got to know the most were Harriet Reitapple and Sarah Bennett and they played an important role in Steve's life and business. Candy Kane was an interesting character and I'm not sure what will happen with them in the future.

I wasn't expecting the end but when it happened I wasn't surprised.

3 Stars


by Iris Wynne

Friday, August 26, 2016

My review of Fate Forgotten by J.L. Sheppard

Jacob is a Guardian and a demon who has had life turned upside down when his sister and her husband are killed and he is named as the person in charge of raising their daughter, Annie. He has no idea how to be parent yet he is helped by his friends and knows how much he loves Annie.

Val is a witch and is dating a warlock named Glen when her coven is attacked by the Malum Immortalis and she is taken in by the group that Jacob belongs to. As soon as Jacob meets Val he realizes that she is destined to be his mate but she believes otherwise.

Will Val and Jacob realize that they are meant to be or will other factors, such as Annie and Glen come between the two of them?

I really enjoyed this book and found it super interesting with the different paranormal characters.  This was the first book that I read in the series and I definitely want to read book one although I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.

I really liked Jacob right from the beginning as he was faced with something he didn't know how to deal with - his mate and therefore he had no clue on how to act which I found interesting. He wasn't all alpha male which was great yet at certain times he was which showed how conflicted he was and confused.

Val was attracted to Jacob yet she really held herself back from him. I really enjoyed how things came together for her and was glad that she was there for Annie.

Great book and looking forward to what is next from the author.

4 Stars